An Ocularist’s Comparison: Walter Johnson’s Story
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Unlike most ocularists, I have an advantage in being able to relate to my patients on a personal basis. I lost my left eye in an accident at the age of 16. For the past 35 years I have lived a normal life as a monocular person, and I can promise that you will move on with your own life with very few obstacles. Regardless of your type of eye loss ( disease or trauma ), your "road to recovery" will not be as long as you may have imagined.
      My own personal experience was due to a sports-related injury during a high school ice
hockey practice. My left eye was damaged to the point where it had to be removed. I was told that I would not be able to play contact sports ever again.
      Not more than a week after my accident, I had spoke with enough monocular people to realize that there were very few things in life that I would find difficult or could not accomplish. I was told of aircraft pilots, professional athletes, surgeons, expert marksmen, and interstate truckers who excelled at their professions with the use of only one eye.
      From a personal experience, I continued to play high school and college ice hockey for five years past my eye loss. I'm very proud to say that I was captain of my teams both before and after my accident.
      Fortunately for all of us that experience the loss of an eye, there is really very little holding us back from accomplishing everything we want in life !