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Established in 1906

Specializing in the fitting and fabrication of custom made ocular prosthetics.

About Ocular Prosthetics…
Denver Optic Company specializes in the fitting and fabrication of two types of ocular prosthesis. The custom made ocular prosthesis is made for the patient who has had their eye either enucleated or eviscerated. The custom made scleral cover shell is made to fit over the patient’s blind disfigured eye. Both are made to cosmetically restore symmetry to the patient’s companion eye.

About the Denver Optic Company…
Since 1906, when Conrad Biel began fitting handmade German glass eyes, the Denver Optic Company has continuously served Colorado and surrounding areas as a center for ocular prosthetics. All of our prosthetics are custom made, impression fitted and hand painted for the individual patient. And all prosthetics are fabricated entirely at our facility.
    The Denver Optic Company was one of the first fabricators of ocular prosthetics in the United States. And ever since the beginning our ocularists have been completely dedicated to achieving 100% satisfaction from their patients. However, not only does the Denver Optic Company care about each individual patient, but all of our ocularists are members of the American Board of Ocularists, and are completely certified by the National Examining Board of Ocularists. We specialize in the making of CUSTOM ARTIFICIAL EYE or PROSTHESIS. Each and every CUSTOM EYE is made in stages with each detail designed to match the patient’s other eye. It is hand painted by men and women whose art talent enables them to reproduce an exact replica of the human eye. Each eye is impression-fitted with a soft alginate material. This impression fitting gives not only the optimum comfort and appearance, but assures the best possible motility of the plastic eye. Most ocularists also specialize in the fitting and manufacturing of the SCLERAL COSMETIC SHELL. This is a flush fitting opaque scleral cap fitted over the blind and/or disfigured eye. This prosthesis is also hand painted to match the remaining normal eye.    

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